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Saved on Haircuts-$75; The Time Together- Priceless!

Is It That Time Again?
Yesterday, I looked around the breakfast table and admired the hair styles the boys had. They are supposed to brush their hair and get dressed before breakfast, but from the looks of things, I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. One of them had brushed his hair, one of them had slicked his hair down in an attempt to make it look neat, and the other boys had worked so hard on their styles all night, that they apparently didn’t want to change it just yet. Wow, their hair grows so fast, I can’t believe it’s time to cut it again already! I usually put off cutting their hair as long as I can, since I don’t really know much about cutting hair and it isn’t something I really enjoy doing.

This morning, as they said good morning, I realized it can’t wait another day…today will be the day. So we took the stool and box of hair cutting supplies to my bathroom and got started. Today’s routine started much differently than usual because my oldest son asked me to cut his hair again. Boy was I nervous! I hadn’t cut his super thick hair in years! It’s one thing to cut the younger boys, but he has a job and is up in front of people every day. I would hate to mess it up. However, the last cut he paid for was enough to inspire me to try it again. I’m honored that he trusts me enough to let me cut it!

This is What I’m Working With!
My youngest kept coming in eagerly awaiting his turn. I usually wait to do his until I have built a little confidence up, and more importantly, I wait until my husband can come and be my set of vise grips by holding the lad’s head still in his strong hands. However, I didn’t need the vise grips, he held still- well still for him! Usually he wears the animal cape and we talk about the different kinds of animals, which one is his favorite and what he wants to hunt when he gets older, but today he was ready for the plain black cape without pictures. My baby isn’t a baby! The biggest shock was that he didn’t even ask for the sucker that is his usual reward for sitting still…which is a good thing because we don’t have any!

Next, Please
Next in line was my little guy that likes to play barber shop, the routine is always the same. So I start in the usual manner, “Hello, Sir, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been doing?” Usually, he goes on to tell me about his make believe family and all of their adventures, he goes on for the duration of the hair cut…but not this time. Instead, he told me he didn’t really want to play “Sir,” instead he wanted to tell me about the hunting adventures and the conversations he had had with his grandfather while going hunting. He talked with such enthusiasm, that I had to postpone part of the conversation for a time when I didn’t have scissors in such close proximity to his head. He talked as much as usual, but this time it was real stories from a little boy that is getting too big to play make believe with his mom!

The last three were more the norm than the first two. Mr. Silent sat still and watched as I cut his hair shorter than he wanted it, but never complained. We just enjoyed being together in a comfortable silence. I asked if everything was okay in his life and he said yes. That was about all the conversation we had, except the, “Thanks, I love you Mom,” as he left the room. My inquisitive one asked lots of questions as I worked on his hair- where did you learn to cut hair, why do you use thinning shears on me now, how come…..? I didn’t exactly tell him that I don’t really know how to cut hair, but I am learning and he and his brothers are my guinea pigs!

Finally, in came the one that I always save for last, because his hair is the easiest for me to cut, and it’s a good head to finish on. He was so full of excitement about a trip he is going on with his grandfather and brothers that he could hardly hold still. We had a wonderful talk about the trip, about the events they had planned and he even asked me for advice on how to handle a particular challenge he faces. What a delightful note to end on!

Forget the Savings!
As I was finishing up, I thought with a sense of delight how much money I saved, even if it took two hours of my time. Then as I thought of the long talks, the comfortable silences, the games played, the secrets shared and so many other wonderful moments shared during haircuts, the truth hit me. I realized that if I never saved a dime cutting their hair, I wouldn’t trade those times for anything, it is two hours well invested! I enjoy that time with my boys, I enjoy cutting their hair and seeing the transformation, both in their hair and in their lives as they outgrow one thing and grow into another!

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  • Linda July 2, 2012, 5:08 pm

    It is wonderful to hear other Mother’s speak of their children in such positive ways. While I only have one child, I do have to say that we have reached this very special time in our lives where we share what God is doing in our lives or those around us. It is a miraculous time for me every time it happens and I try to remember it won’t be long that he will belong to another woman…he is in early teens. Until then, I shall enjoy my time with him as you do your boys! God is good!

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