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The Brown Bunch

Hey!  We’re the Brown family.  We’re your typical, non-conventional American family of two girls…oh, and six boys!  We live right in the middle of some of the loveliest farmland in Tennessee where we experiment and play at being farmers ourselves.  We’re a bit backwards from most families in that we’re martial artists by trade, and do carpentry and farming in our “free time”.  (Which is probably fortunate for us since we have a lot to learn about farming…!  While we are definitely improving, it’s still a good thing that we don’t rely on our harvest for our livelihood.)

And as for the “free time” that I mentioned…we never really seem to have that around here.  There’s always some kind of project or activity (either planned or spontaneous) going on around here it seems.  Definitely never dull!  Whether it’s building a pool deck, re-doing our upstairs over winter break, planning a weekend camp out here at our house, or chasing down an angry run-away cow, we always manage to stay occupied and (usually) have a lot of fun in the process!

Our family started when I married my high-school sweetheart, Song, and then had our first child a couple of years later.   We always joked about having a dozen children, but I really thought we’d have somewhere around three.  Apparently the perfect number for us seems to be somewhere between those two numbers, since we seem to be holding steady at eight.  In the early years of our marriage I never would have dreamed that I would ever have eight children, or that I would end up dedicating 31 years of my life to homeschooling them…(I’m 19 years in; 12 more to go!) but neither would I have imagined how tremendously rewarding such a life truly is.

Hopefully our posts will give you a little glimpse into who we are, and allow you to share in the unique (and often humorous) experiences that make up our lives.  While we strive to reflect the image of our Savior in our words and deeds, we know we are far from perfect, so please bear with us on this journey!

~The Browns