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It was the end of a packed day, we had just finished conducting an Introduction to Essential Oils class, and we were ready to relax and enjoy something cool and refreshing. Almost as soon as we got seated, a friendly young lady came by, chatting as she sprayed all the surrounding tables for the final cleaning of the night. She was using a typical disinfectant cleaner, but the fumes were over powering. Within a couple of minutes, I could feel my throat begin to feel scratchy and irritated and my nose burned from the smell: we left immediately before more damage could be done. These strong, toxic chemicals are all around us. In fact, it has been estimated that we are exposed to more chemicals in one day than our grandparents were in their lifetime!  If we want to preserve our health, we are going to have to take an active role in removing the toxic chemicals from our home and work environments.

What About Green Cleaners

Removing these chemicals can be an overwhelming task to undertake, however, the health benefits make it all worth it. One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding a non-toxic cleaner that really cleans. The toxic chemicals seem to be the muscles behind the cleaners, so many natural products fall short in cleaning potential.  Read your labels closely because many “Green Cleaners” contain similar toxic chemicals along with natural ingredients.

Want some good news?  Thieves Household Cleaner makes this task a breeze! This cleaner can replace every cleaner in your home, including both laundry and dish detergent, and it is safe to use. Get a few spray bottles, use the dilution chart on the bottle to mix up different strengths and you are armed to tackle any cleaning job in your home.

My favorite things about Thieves Household Cleaner:

  • It smells wonderful- after cleaning it leaves behind a nice, fresh smell instead of a strong chemical odor.
  • It is safe- in fact the FDA has approved it for internal consumption.  In contrast, some studies suggest that over 50% of natural plant based household cleaners contain suspected cancer causing chemicals.
  • It works! Thieves Household Cleaner cleans every type of surface and eliminates stains and odors.
  • It kills mold- “Tests have shown that Thieves oil blend is 97.27% effective in eliminating all species of mold encountered in buildings.”
  • It is economical- make dozens of bottles of cleaners from one bottle of concentrated Thieves Cleaner!

Do yourself a favor, do your whole household a favor~ start your spring cleaning in the cleaning cabinet this year. Get rid of those toxic chemical cleaners and replace them with a safe, effective, economical, good smelling, health promoting alternative; Thieves Household Cleaner makes the transition easy! Give it a try and be sure to stop by and share your favorite aspect or use of Thieves Household Cleaner.



Enjoy Spring Cleaning ~ It’s So Refreshing!

by Valerie on April 22, 2013

Random 0111 300x224 Enjoy Spring Cleaning ~ Its So Refreshing! Spring is in the air. The birds are singing and the woods around my house get greener every day. I love spring and the renewal of beauty and life that comes with it. I even enjoy the opportunity to do some spring cleaning around the house. For so many of us, spring cleaning has become a tradition that gets passed from one generation to the next. Many people believe that the tradition began centuries ago with the early celebrations of Passover and Unleavened Bread. The Israelites were commanded to get every bit of leaven out of their homes or face severe consequences. This process would have required extensive cleaning, just as it does today; and it would need to be repeated each spring in preparation for those feasts.

Many cultures have recorded information describing the spring rituals of their ancestors. Interestingly, some of these cultures also had a large Jewish population that had been absorbed into their native population.

Regardless of where spring cleaning got its origins, it is a very real and needed part of life today. As the days become longer, our bodies produce less melatonin and our energy levels increase. Usually this happens as the weather gradually gets warmer. This makes it a great time to open the windows and let the gentle spring breezes chase the stale stuffiness of winter out and fill our homes with fresh air. It’s a great time to shake out the rugs, go through things and get rid of the clutter, wash comforters and hang them out to dry, and all those other little jobs that winter weather prevented.

It’s Time to Declutter

As a homeschooling mother, I find that it’s a great time to de-clutter in other ways as well. Spring always brings a time of reflection with it. I spend lots of mental energy evaluating what worked well and what didn’t in our homeschool and in our lives. I ask the Father to show me the progress we’ve made and what areas need more concentrated focus. I go through my books to see what needs to be saved and what needs to be sold. I try to identify those curriculum choices that sit, unused, on the shelf and make me feel guilty that I haven’t used them. Hopefully, you don’t have any of those that seem to call your name and remind you that you spent money on them, but haven’t ever used them. I try to decide to either use them or get rid of them so that I don’t have be bothered by them anymore.

Regardless of where you spend your energies performing spring cleaning duties, inside or out, physically, spiritually, or mentally, there seems to be a common thread. It is time to clean out the old, the stale, and the lifeless areas and replace them with the new, the fresh and the life giving alternatives. It’s time to make changes in our lives that reflect the renewing beauty of nature that blossoms every spring. I hope your spring bursts forth with abundant life and your cup runs over with renewed joy.

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